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Managing Social Media within a School – Scheduling Updates using HootSuite

5 October 2011


Well, I thought it was about time to get back on to the blog with a few choice updates. The first of which relates to Social media in schools. Like all good things, the use of media in schools requires an investment of time to pay any sort of dividends. How can schools maximise exposure […]

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10 Twitter neologisms

7 September 2011


tweeple: users of Twitter, or a user’s followers (also “tweeps”) tweetup: a real world gathering of Twitter users (pre-Twitter term “meatspace”) twisticuffs: a verbal argument conducted via tweets twitterrhoea: overuse of social media tweet cred: social standing on Twitter twelete: removing a previously-published tweet twirting: philandering in 140 characters or fewer tweme: a popular idea […]

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33 Ways to use Twitter in the classroom

11 February 2009

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Found this interesting resource today – twitter does have a place in education and learning.

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