Supporting Digital Tech Teachers with Database Development – Random Records

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Topics: Digital Technologies

Students often find it quite challenging when they are required to provide sample, or test data to populate a database with. This is certainly important at NCEA Level 3, where students are expected to be generating their own test data to use in their solutions for initial prototyping/testing purposes. This is particularly important when systems are being design for real stakeholders as part of technological practice, the ideal for Level 8 work. A fantastic site to support standards such as AS91368 at Level 2 and AS91633 at Level is FakeNameGenerator. This online service allows you to to order bulk fake identities. They can be contextualised to specific languages/cultural names and the region also set – making it a great way of getting realistic database data that sits in a New Zealand context very quickly. This could be introduced early at Level 2 and should be viewed by students as an important resource that can save them a huge amount of time when it comes to assessment time.

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