Supporting teachers with 3.40 Information Systems External

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Topics: Curriculum, Level 3, NCEA, NZ

A number of teachers through the NZACDITT forum have asked for the link to my resources for the delivery of the 3.40 Digital Technologies external so I have hosted all the resources I have on dropbox, for which the link is here. A great deal of time was put into preparing this standard for delivery which has seen the student receive good results this year (14% Merit and 29% Excellence based on 14 entries). Included are all the files relating to the context that I used for the standard – NZ Police, in addition some students related it to the school as an organisation and our use of SMS (Kamar). There are a number of podcasts that I recorded for use by the students, you may not want to use these with your students but they are a good source of PD for staff who may be new to the standard too.

I have also included the assessment that I put together and other associated resources.

Enjoy – and please leave comments/feedback here and feel free to share



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