Schools – be mindful when upgrading to iOS7

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Tips for managing School wide updating to iOS7

Having done quite a lot of reading on where things currently lie, schools need to be very careful about whether they decide to update their iOS devices to iOS7 (assuming that the device is compatible). It has become clear over the weekend that there is no easy way to revert back to iOS once you have made the change. Clearly Apple want you to see the future and not what you had before. Once updated there is no going back! So, for schools here are a few things to get you thinking about your corporate IT strategy:

  • Consult with stakeholders – do not go ahead and enforce the upgrade across the institution until you can ensure that everyone is happy with it:
    • Audit the Apps that staff and students use – any issues with them working/being available under iOS 7?
    • What is the rationale behind wanting to upgrade to iOS7 so soon? Remember the cutting edge is often the bleeding edge!
    • Undertake a full Cost-benefit analysis of the new technologies
  • Involve all stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Plan a careful migration strategy that has been tried and tested before going live on school device

So you’re making the change?

You had better be ready for it!

  • Have you adjusted professional development needs as a result of the upgrade? Not all staff cope with technological change that easily
  • What will your migration strategy be? I would suggest department at a time, so that they have that continuity and consistency within their own working environment
  • What additional value will iOS bring to the organisation? Make sure people are aware of other added value
  • Get feedback from staff – ensure that IT support channels are open and able to deal with an increased load after initial roll out

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