Recording Notes to accompany Web Video – great Educator’s tool! is a a great tool that lets you take notes and add them to a web video. It is an app that integrates with Google Drive, so is great for all those schools who run a Google Edu Domain, works with all major browsers and is designed with educators and students in mind. Being a GoogleDrive app you need to be signed in to your google account to use the service. The tools work on Mac, Windows and Unix but unfortunately there is no iOS version at the moment.

Images showing interface

The interface

Simply As!

  1. Goto to
  2. Load a video on the left side of the screen by entering its URL
  3. Type notes on the right side. Each entry is synced to the point where the video was playing (or paused) when it was entered.
  4. Give your notes document a title and save it.
  5. Share the notes online or use them in class. Click a note to move to the point in the video where you made the note.
  6. The files gets saved into your Google Drive. seems to be compatible with most webstreaming video providers, certainly no issues with Vimeo, Youtube or TED.

Some ideas on how you can use in the curriculum:

  1. Annotate a captured lecture or create a table of contents – great if you want students to watch part of a video
  2. Create a video viewing guide for students with prompts like
    • Note ‘X’ here – why is that happening?”
  3. PE Curriculum – Students can film skills being practised and annotate video with salient points
  4. Use it to help navigate class presentations of documentaries and other long videos.
  5. Take advantage of the sharing features of Google Drive
    • Share your notes with students
    • Ask students to share notes with you
    • Have groups collaborate on notes
  6. Science – students could record experiments and annotate
  7. Technology – Students could film and then comment upon technological practice

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  1. Maria says:

    Brilliant blog! Love your ability to link not just the creative ways to use the tools but your integrity to the pedagogy is evident as well. Many thanks for your efforts and updates on your blog.

    • DTester says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thank you for your kind comments on my blog – definitely try and keep pedagogy linked with practice. I am so conscious of technology being used for technology sake by teachers, definitely a need to stress the importance of the curriculum and learning outcomes leading learning, not the technology. Technology should be used to add value to the learning outcomes and not used if it doesn’t. I have certainly enjoyed myself during my first year teaching in New Zealand 🙂

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