Update to Google Forms

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Screenshot of Google Form

So, the new interface gives us a great way to get started with Google forms – more intuitive than the old one and a range of newer features that really help the workflow of an educator when using them.

Great additions:

  • Being able to collaborate simultaneously with others to build forms in real-time (just like in Google Docs)
  • Auto-save
  • Undo/Redo edits
  • Copy a list of bullets from the Web or multiple rows of text from a spreadsheet; when pasted into a form, each line will appear as an individual answer – a great time saver!
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Invite people to respond via email and social networks
  • Create a Google Form directly from Google Sheets or Drive
  • Choose response destination. This is a great feature when wanting to re-use a form as you can point the results to be stored in a specific location on Google Docs

Not so great:

  • Fewer templates to choose from

A great update to an already great tool. One or two little niggles but the new functionality far outweigh these. Well done Google!

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