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Well if you are reading this you’re probably intrigued as to the nature of this post. Summing up briefly, I’ve left the UK for pastures new, having moved to New Zealand on Christmas Eve 2012. I’ve given up pretty much everything in the UK, my house, a job I loved, friends ….. to start afresh here in New Zealand. I’ve had to take a step back in my career to move over here and am currently teaching at St John’s College in Hamilton (New Zealand’s 4th largest conurbation with approx 115,000 people), leading the school with their Digital Technologies curriculum as well as whole school ICT strategy. It has been a real eye opener getting an insight into another educational system that is going through quite marked reforms at the moment. The education system is fascinating – constructed quite differently than that in the UK, yet the UK seems to influence policy with the Ministry of Education looking to the UK for direction. I can see many advantages of the NCEA approach over that seen in the UK – but that will be the topic for another blog post sometime.

Life here is so different, definitely for the better. My work life balance is now in check in a way that it had never been in the UK. The school I am in is wonderful. Great staff and great students. It is a catholic boy’s school, decile 8 with lovely boys who are respectful, courteous and keen to learn. What more can I ask for!

Here they are doing the school Haka, all 760 boys (Y9-13) – they had just finished their house haka competition.

Well, having now been here for 6 months (where does the time go!) I feel like things are starting to settle a little and that I will be in a position to get back into full swing with the blog. I am going to endeavour to keep the blog relevant to both the UK and New Zealand education sectors. Although I must profess that I do feel like I have lost touch with what is going on in the UK on so many levels. I’m living in Raglan on the west coast – it’s beautiful. Awesome surf (best left hand break in the world), great beaches, walks and fishing and pretty well connected to get out to work (45 minute drive over the ‘divvy’) or to drive up to Auckland (1.75 hrs away)

Anyway, to all my colleagues and friends that I have left behind (in body not in spirit) in the UK why not comment – it would be great to hear from you. I’ve not managed to get many photo’s online yet but have managed to get another blog hosted with an image gallery.


No regrets!


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  1. Mark says:

    It sounds fantastic Dominic. Glad it’s working out well for you, I’m looking forward to some insightful blogging on pedagogy etc in the future. Perhaps some lessons that UK could learn??

    • DTester says:

      Thanks Mark – There is a lot of very good educational thinking developing over here. Will definitely be putting fingers to keyboard on that soon, so watch this space.

  2. Tim Dalton says:

    Welcome back to the internet! I don’t think you’ve missed much, and sounds like you have better things to be doing in the outdoors :)

    Let us know when we can arrange the St John’s-Wildern exchange, quite fancy a trip…

    • DTester says:

      Thanks Tim, I know – I seem to have been off the grid for sometime, been quite nice in some ways but the Internet has always been there. However, Internet access over here is not in quite the same league as the UK. Missing the bandwidth but can still get BBC iPLayer via my trusty VPN service. Haha, school exchanges already on the horizon? Whatever next! What’s going on in Hampshire on the EdTech front at the moment?

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