MentorMob – creating mashup playlists to deliver your learning content, some thoughts

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Topics: E-Learning

Today I stumbled upon MentorMob- a great free resource to help educators create learning playlists that can consist of a wide range of media including YouTube videos, websites, Google Docs, PDFs, and more. The playlists can be created and edited collaboratively or privately and then embedded into blogs, websites, and LMSs. This is all available for free, there are some enhancements with the subscription based service, namely privacy, engagement metrics, and quiz results.

I can see it having real potential:

  • Allowing students to develop their own learning pathways constructing and sharing their own playlists and working collaboratively with other students
  • To help teachers developed flipped classroom activities (this is where I am using it currently)
  • Using different playlists to personalise learning pathways through differentiation (Support/extension)
  • An innovative way to start developing tailored professional development resources for teachers.
  • Creating banks of support resources for assignments

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