The iPad as an information consumer, collaborator and producer

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I found this image and thought it would be a great one to share with fellow educators. The iPad in the classroom is a great way to become a dynamic consumer of knowledge, with a variety of apps that can really engage and inspire. Like most things though, just giving someone the best tools does not turn them into the best craftsmen by proxy. Tools need to be understood, set into an educational context and pedagogy developed so that the tools fulfil a specific purpose that enhances the learning outcomes for the students. Personally I use the iPad for a lot of live collaboration in class but also outside of the formal curriculum. Giving students the means to continue to develop their knowledge and understanding outside of the formal classroom using online tools is one the flipped classroom techniques that I like to use. Students using google docs, Dropbox and Evernote for shared group work allows them to develop all important digital literacy skills for the future but also streamlines sharing and facilitates some really interesting developments, with students often developing higher order thinking skills as a result. PInterest can also have its uses, I have seen some very good practice being developed in Art lessons whereby Pinterest boards have been set up as dynamic pin boards for students to pin on elements of a particular design influence, maybe works from a specific artist or pulling together ideas in their groups for the next project. Some students have really latched on to the technology and extending this use themselves. Setting up a board for their art work and regularly pinning a new photo with comments to is how how the work is improving. Pedagogically this is sound, but where the magic really happens is when you get students to be commenting on pins and developing robust assessment for learning.

The iPad can be a great information producer too, pulling together text, video and sound in some very creative ways with the apps that are out there and allowing the final content to be pushed out into the cloud, ready for consumption by the masses.


Thanks to Edudemic for putting this image into the public domain.

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