Managing Social Media within a School – Scheduling Updates using HootSuite

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Well, I thought it was about time to get back on to the blog with a few choice updates. The first of which relates to Social media in schools. Like all good things, the use of media in schools requires an investment of time to pay any sort of dividends. How can schools maximise exposure through social media in a way that does not impinge on organisational efficiency. Simple – use some of the fantastic tools that are out there to take care of post scheduling for you. My personal favourite has to be HootSuit. User accounts are free and paid subscriptions come in to play when you may have a team of personnel/tweeters managing a social presence between them. We’ve had brilliant results using just their free service.

Scheduling tweets using Hootsuite at Costello Technology College
Scheduling School Info using Hootsuite

So, how do I use HootSuit at Costello Technology College? In a nutshell I’ve added 2 Social Media presence into the Hootsuit dashboard – our twitter account (@costellotech) and our official Facebook Page. From here I can go through and blitz the whole academic calendar and schedule tweets – I only schedule tweets as our twitter account is linked directly in to our Facebook page. All events that are of interest to students and parents are scheduled – quite often a day or two before the event to give things sufficient lead time.

As an aside it has some really interesting report generation tools so schools can evaluate the type of posts attracting the most traffic and subsequently shape their social media presence to their own demographic. It has a very intuitive interface and hasn’t let us down yet!
So, why should you use it?
  • Easy to set up and free
  • Takes the hassle out of scheduling social media updates
  • Flexible editing of scheduled updates
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Interesting reporting to help you tailor your school presence
  • Web app – accessible from anywhere

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  1. Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for sharing the HootSuite story – we’re glad to see you using the dashboard!

    • DTester says:

      Your welcome Andy – fantastic tool that is really supporting what we are trying to achieve with our social media presence.

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