Great article on 5 things to avoid when using Facebook

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Interesting article published on the BBC News website today about things not to do on Facebook. Very topical in light of the other UK based Facebook news – a juror who contacted a defendant via Facebook and undermined a case who has been jailed for 8 months for contempt.

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Dom, I have set up a school FB page. Any suggestion on how staff can add comments without their profilw showing? do I make them all editors or set up one common profile for all staff to use? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Yes, it is very easy to set up your page so that staff can make posts, upload photos etc without exposing their own Facebook account/profile. Firstly, make sure you get all your policies and expectations secure with staff in terms of how the page will be used (rules over posts/content etc…). Once you are happy with this just add them all as editors to the page. This is preferable over the common profile approach as you will have a decent audit trail of what is being posted by whom. When a member of staff posts to the page, by default, they will make the post to the page, as the page. Hope this makes sense. I can recommend using something like Hootsuite to manage your page posting too, its ability to schedule posts to the page is a godsend!

      I’ve moved schools (left the UK 18 months ago) and am now the Deputy Principal at a school in New Zealand. I set their FB page up a couple of months ago – feel free to take a look:

      Hope you find this useful…


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