Costello Technology College – Shortlisted for TES Schools Award

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I am really pleased to be in a position to announce that the work of myself and others at Costello Technology College has been once again recognised nationally by our successful shofrt list for the TES Schools Award in 2011. We have been nominated and made the shortlist for the “Outstanding ICT Learning initiative or Partnership”. The nomination has been off of all the work we have done utilising Camtasia by Techsmith. Teachers have been using Camtasia to create revision podcasts/screencasts by using existing powerpoint content and the powerpoint plugin from Camtasia. In addition our Maths department have been using Camtasia alongside OneNote and Windows Journal to create work examples – these have been encoded as podcasts with their own feed for students to subscribe to. It has been great to see so many students engage with this type of delivery platform too. Teachers like the more aggressive way of getting content to students. With content being pushed out to students once they have subscribed to the feeds, rather than having to rely on students to pull content, which can often happen in a very adhoc way.

As an IT Specialist I use Camtasia an awful lot in developing high quality learning resources for my students. My specific focus is developing resources for students to access when at home to further consolidate and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. Such content is great for students to use if they miss a lesson – enabling them to catch up on any prior learning that may have been missed. In addition very focused screencasts, such as the one above can help students to develop more detailed understanding of concepts and really allow them to unlock their potential. The example above was a screencast I put together for my Y11 IT students (studying CiDA) to help them think about how to tackle the writing of the final project review. The impact of this approach has clearly been quantifiable with many students gaining 4-5 / 5 marks for this element of the project. When students have been asked about what they like about this approach common responses have included ‘I like the fact I can pause it and do some work and then come back to it and pick up where I left off’ and ‘sometimes I don’t always get a full understanding first time around, Mr Tester’s screencasts and podcasts mean I can watch again at home’ or ‘I like having audio and video – it makes it less boring’

We are looking forward to attending the TES Schools Award on Friday 8 July at the London Hilton. May see some of you there :)

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  1. And they work in schools that are equitably funded and well resourced with the latest technology and materials.

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