Costello Technology College Shortlisted for ICT Register Showcase Award

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Yes, it’s official! Costello has been shortlisted for an ICT Register Showcase award by a panel based on our submitted portfolio, portfolio of strengths and presence on the ICT Register website. Our submission has been based on the fantastic progress we have made tackling parental engagement through the use of our parent portal, alongside how we have developed E-Learning to support KS2/3 transition through our transition portal on FROG. We are really excited that we have got this far and hope that we make the final shortlist down to four. A lot of time and effort went into putting our wiki for the submission together. Our presence on the ICT Register can be found here.

If you would like to look at the nominations then you can find the ICT Register Showcase Awards voting page here. If you feel that our submission is worthy of recognition please take the time to vote for us

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