Content being developed fast to support KS4 Maths

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Had the opportunity to look at some of the content the Maths department are developing as part of our specific focus on supporting Y11 with revision for their GCSE examinations. Our leading teacher in Maths (AST) is using Camtasia to create screencasts with his tablet PC to demonstrate worked examples. The great news is that he now has the screencasting bug – there’s going to be huge amount of content coming this way. I’ll get an example added to this post within the next couple of days. Y11 students are really going to benefit from resources that help learners in all three areas – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I am going to be speaking to some of the Y11 students who are using these resources next week to get the low down/inside track.

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  1. Some amazing apps I have found and used are (which you probably already use too): Educreations, ShowMe and of course my favorite at the moment is Doceri! These are all slightly different in purpose and in the wy they store work but I don’t usually wear the same clothes summer and winter either :-) I do however think that Doceri is at the top of the list in terms of functionality, cross purpose use and intuitive once you know the ‘buttons’! Love that you can pre-do, record as you go and then pop into any LMS for future reference! I really appreciated meeting you in NZ Dominic and should I win the Lotto would love to visit a school where education is educating students and assisting them to be life long learners! Thanks, Maria (in NZ) :-)

    • DTester says:

      Thanks Maria, it has been fantastic to talk to practising teachers out in NZ about how they are supporting e-learning and developing effective pedagogy and practice to support learning and teaching. I only hope that someone over there recognises my skills and desire to reside in New Zealand. I have subscribed to the Education Gazette alerts!!! Thanks for mentioning those software applications they are all on my list of Apps to blog about in the next few weeks, I really must make more of a concerted effort to keep my blog updated with the coming of a new academic year here in the UK. Keep in touch!!

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