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Have been having a big think about lots of things today, was at the regional SSAT Heads steering group and we were talking about organisational efficiency, this, combined with an email I received from our examinations officer really got me focused this afternoon on how exams information could get integrated into FROG from SIM’s. Like many schools we use SIM’s to manage all of our student examination entries. We receive statements of entry from the examination boards that are paper based and get distributed to students for checking. Of course, they promptly loose them, having not transferred information to their diaries. Wouldn’t it be great for the system to generate an automated examinations timetable, populate their own diary with this information and maybe help them start to put together a revision schedule. Our KS4 guidance leader is trialling the use of our Y11 students this year. This system helps students create a unique and personalised revision programme based on their examination entries. The concept is a good one, but there are issues with data interchange and management. It would be great to have this kind of functionality within FROG – hmmmm, is this an idea for a widget I wonder? For me, getting students to take ownership of information, identify problems and seek support is part of them developing as independent life-long learners. Putting students in control and encouraging ownership by providing them with access to this type of information would be a big leap forward.

This approach could also be extended to enhance parental engagement. Through the parent portal it would be fantastic for them to see their children’s external examination dates inserted into their own personalised diary – identifying both the student and the examination, date, AM/PM. There could also be an examinations tab for parents to visit to get the overview of all the entries for their child. As result are know for various modules (some courses are modular), results could be populated.

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  1. Stephen Walder says:

    >Love the work your doing on this blog, hope to do something very similar with another LP soon. Keep up the good work, watching and listening closely! Steve

  2. Dominic Tester says:

    >Thanks Stephen, it makes all the more worthwhile when I get feedback. Going to be lots more posts and thoughts being shared over the next few months when we really start pushing parental engagement.

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