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I came across a really interesting web 2.0 application yesterday that has loads of potential for use in and outside of the classroom to support students and their learning. The service has only just launched and is currently going through a public beta test, it is called Xtranormal and basically creates movies that are hosted online (just like Youtube) that can be embedded into learning platforms. The concept is a simple one, the user inputs a script, controls the scene, choice of characters, music, sound effects, gestures of characters etc… and uses a simple drag and drop interface to create a movie. This can be saved at any point to come back to and finish later and can be published to the site once your master piece is finished.

I can see this service having lots of uses in the curriculum. It is a great tool for teacher to use to create revision podcasts, starter and plenary activities as well as explanations The potential really gets unlocked when you put students in the driving seat. Why not get students to dramatise a piece from what they are studying in English – put together a role play for PSHE and citizenship. Get them to put a news report together. It’s a great way of students being able to demonstrate ICT functional skills through a creative application that allows them to access their curriculum in a different way.
Personally, I am thinking of putting a few video’s together that will help our Y6 students in what they access on our transition portal. Some of the testimonials that current Y7 students have put together can be pasted into the system and really brought alive.
The only downside is that students would need to sign up to the service for their own accounts if they are going to be asked to create content, but I think it is worth it. I am really interested to see what other people think of this – so please leave your thoughts and comments.

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  1. garethdavies says:

    >Looks like a free service, is that right?

    Would be nice to auto create all the accounts in this from Frog and then have auto sign in – maybe even a Frog widget ;)

    It looks pretty cool, please let me know how it goes and whether they are worth pursuing!

  2. Matt Charlton says:

    >I like it – I think I’ll forward the details on to the school I used to work at.

    Would be really useful in IT as well as drama and other lessons.

    I agree with Gareth – integrating stuff like this with Frog bricks could be very useful.

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