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Like any new developments they need to be revisited and reinforced. This week my SLT assemblies are focusing students as digital natives and how appropriate use of technology can supports students on their own, personalised learning journey to reach their academic potential. Needless to say we will be focusing on FROG and securing an understanding of what it can do and how it can support learning, in the minds of all of our students. Students are generally excited and can see the potential of the technology, the biggest area of change management is ensuring that staff development of the platform, specifically developing content and opportunities for collaboration is in step with students expectations. Students generally do have high expectations too – they are quite judgemental about the look and feel of technologies – the digital native is quick to make an informed decision their experience. From an educators perspective this is an important source of knowledge to tap into – getting inside the minds of our target audience is key to making the platform successful. This is why we are working so hard in getting students to be very vocal about their online learning experiences.

The YouTube channel for the school is going to get quite busy over the next few weeks as we put up some more content – specifically for parents to give them an overview of FROG. We believe that this form of media has a great deal of potential that we have yet to unlock. Putting this footage online will hopefully stir some more interest in our E-Learning insight evening that we will be hosting for parents after the half term.
More later – hopefully I will be able to post a link to a tour of the student portal within the next week or so.

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