Update with Secure gateway

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Secure gateway is now set up and working like a treat. We are in the process of setting up the pooled machines for student access. We are using one of our Technology suites along with a Maths ICT suite to run Secure Gateway clients in the evening for students. Reason for choosing these rooms was simple – they have AC so temperature management is not an issue and they are also the two rooms that have the full combination of specialist software installed to ensure that students have access.

So far the service has worked flawlessly – even with RM CC3 we’ve not had to do any specific configuration this end, although we have edited group policies for Terminal Services disconnect on idle. The next few weeks when the students really put it through it’s paces will be the true acid test for us – so far so good!
The technology department is really excited about the prospect of usign Secure Gateway – they believe that it will have a positive impact on the quality of GCSE coursework and how students manage their time – being able to complete more of their work from home.
On the recommendation of Luke Nicolau we’re looking at Powerwise to manage our electricity bills by automating machine boot/shutdowns during the day/evening. I have calculated that this software alone could net savings in excess of £9,000 a year in electricity – let alone impact on Carbon footprint. Definitely going into our EcoSchools work!

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