Progress update on transition portal

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Topics: Education, Technology

Work on the transition portal is coming along nicely – currently working on many of the assets that will be embedded into the portal ready for access by the Y6 students in our primary feeders. This is how things are looking at the moment:

1. Y11 student working on interactive map of the school – this is looking really exciting.

2. Group of Y7 students have had photo’s taken (permission from parents given for involvement) and have written testimonials about their first few weeks, ready to go live. Am thinking of getting them to also record their testimonials as an audio podcast too.

3. Putting together photo gallery and virtual tour of the school

4. Finished editing down Y7 interviews with Matthew Frape, our transition teacher. Quicktime stream embedded.

5. Forum/Live chat areas all set up.

No reason why we cannot go live with this towards end of February, beginning of March.

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