Initial thoughts for the New Year

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It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, so, let me start by wishing you all the best for 2009. If it is anything like mine has started it’s going to be a great one! Two weeks off from school allowed for a great deal of subconcious thinking and visioning, I’ve come back with lots of good ideas to start rolling with in the new year. So look out for new posts that will start discussin these ideas in more length.

At the end of last term I started development work on our transition portal. Work began with a meeting with Matthew Frape (Transition co-ordinator) to secure the vision of what we want to do with the portal. Matthew worked hard last term getting feedback and thoughts from Primary headteachers and staff as to what content should be included. We’re keen that this be driven by content and be exciting and engaged for the Y6 students to use, setting the tone as to the ethos behind the day to day working in a technology college. As a result of the meeting I sat down and set up the portal skeleton – have based this on our existing student portal template. Time taken – 1 hour, bonus! Now have skeleton pages set up. I’ll be putting a post together as to how the transition portal is structured and what content is going into it in a post next week.




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