Securing Culture of E-Learning

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Just finished the staff meeting here at Costello that has been put over to securing the vision of E-Learning at the college. In an hour and 10 minutes I’ve tried to develop staff’s understanding of E-Learning, where we are now and where we want to go – securing our vision of E-Learning in the process. Meetings like this are always difficult as you never quite know which level is the best one to pitch at to ensure that everyone engages. I decided to keep things really simple – started talking about national agenda, societal trends/cultural shifts, a quick tour of FROG and how the college is expecting all departments to embrace in it’s development in forthcoming months into the next 18 months. It is interesting that a number of colleagues still think of E-Learning as a formal curriculum time activity and not as personalised learning outside of the curriculum. This is one are that I did stress, that the development of FROG, certainly in the short term needs to focus on creating and providing to our students, rich, high quality content to inform learning and support revision. For many departments the reality of this should be a fairly easy win and the combined effect of all departments engaging at this level will see a big buy in to the technology and start putting down some foundations.

Some questions were around broader ICT issues not specifically around E-Learning. the points made were valid and really do reflect that staff are genuine about wanting to engage in the technology.
I am going to be working on developing some technical documentation for departments over the next few weeks along with some logistical plans for moving some of our hugely over populated network shares onto FROG. It is going to be important for these to be rationalised by staff first of all and represents an ideal opportunity for some housekeeping.
Anyway – big day at the college tomorrow. We have a film crew in from FROG in the afternoon, this is being followed up by the inaugural meeting of our Parent Focus Group that is looking at parent portal functionality.

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