Working with FROG on Parental Engagement

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Topics: Education, Parents

Had a very interesting meeting with Jonathan and Craig at FROG today using Adobe Connect. Although FROG have access to what I am assuming is a sandboxed SIM’s implementation back up in Halifax they’re interesting in seeing real implementations of SIM’s. Meeting raised a number of key issues – do all schools use same SIM’s codes for registration, in the same way. The biggest challenge by far is the very different way that schools will have implemented Assessment Manager to cater for their own data needs. There is no national schema of naming conventions for aspects held within assessment manager which creates some interesting challenges to solve. However, marksheets are used to aggregate data for departments. These could be used as a staging post for getting data to FROG, interesting…..

From my perspective it was a really interesting meeting as it has shaped FROG’s development angles for me and has helped me to gain an understanding into a little bit more as to where things may lead in the future and the developers route that may be taken to get there.

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