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One of the immediate gains and short term wins of our implementation of FROG as our learning platform is the use of forums. The school has set up a number of forums to engage students from day one and start developing a culture of collaboration, not just between staff and students, but more powerfully between students. Forums have been put in place for all subjects – creating HW help forums, forums for student voice as well as one for fund raising, FROG. Students have suggested a number of additional forums they would like. Interestingly enough these have all revolved around school related activities. We know have one for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme as well as Computers and Technology. I see the forums as a powerful ‘hook’ to keep students engaged whilst staff and departments rapidly deploy there own resources onto FROG, managing the momentum of FROG and keep it going is crucial over the next 8 weeks.

The forums are also proving to be a useful conduit for communicating developments and ideas from students back to me as there is a FROG suggestion forum – the posts in here are really interesting and very insightful, showing that students have a really clear grasp of the power of the technology and how they would like to see it being used.
The way that forums are implemented works in a fool proof way, but the more we use them the more potential we can see within them to enhance engagement through ICT. Developmental points for FROG for forums:
  • The most important – once you have added to a thread you get emailed when someone replies. This is crucial particularly for staff. For example, our governors are starting to use the forums really well. Unless they check the forums regularly they do not get prompted when a new post is made. Likewise if a student submits a new topic for homework request, they need to get notified as and when someone responds.
  • Embed URL’s into posts, rich html formatting of posts, including smilies, images
  • Can see number of posts made by user – number of posts could equate to credits that have some value? food for thought.
  • Can quote a previous reply as part of post
  • Nested forums / sub-forums

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