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Attendance is one of the compulsory elements of online, real time reporting as outlined by the DCSF for one of the 2010 targets.


Parents can access attendance data – not just as a pie chart but as a yearly summary so they can actually see the assigned marks. Invariably when parents look at a pie chart they will start to question the data. It would therefore be sueful for them to have access to a yearly summary. Alongside this if they have particular dates they want to query an online form can be used to send information back to the school to ensure that records are up to date and correct.

This is very attractive from a school perspective as it would help to catch those ‘missing marks’ and ensure data integrity – in many cases, improving school attendance statistics. Parents can make contact through the portal to advise our attendance officer of changes that can then be made. We can take this is an authenticated source due to authentication within the parent portal.

Issues as far as I can see:

  • Do all schools SIM’s attendance codes in exactly the same way – is there consistency so that this can be coded into FROG? What do other platforms such as SERCO do?
  • Aggregation of data back to a FROG server is going to eat up storage – live data connection back to query the SIM’s database is the future. Will also give access to pseudo-realtime reporting of data. Interesting that Becta in the toolkit do not really shed any light on how the term ‘real time‘ reporting should be interpreted.

All schools are set attendance targets via Local Authorities DCSF. One of the issues with attendance data is giving it a context for the parent so that the reported headline figures are easy to interpret. This is something for individual schools to contend with.

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