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Have just been on doing some development work – generally I keep the student chatroom open when I am working on FROG in the evenings, so students can chat to me about FROG and how it is developing. Had some really interesting feedback tonight. 3 students, independently of one another asked when staff are going to be fully using it. They all recognise it’s potential to support teaching and learning, making it more engaging through fun and interaction. They asked when there was going to be more content on the system for them to use. This really resonated with me and helped affirm thoughts I already had – CONTENT IS KING. We’ve already bought quite a lot of SCORM content to kickstart departments but it is about how we engage staff with this content and get them to use it to create online lessons.


Students are up for it – but are our staff? Managing the culture to change to embed FROG into current practice has always been recognised as one of the main challenges – SLT need to get their heads together to see how we can fast track this. Do we get some department portals set up on behalf of staff to get them going, what about training students to help departments do this (staff at Costello are receptive to this) – loads of questions and ideas floating around my head at the moment. Time for some serious intervention – I feel some INSET coming on, this and the probable loss of a few weeks to get some portal templates up and running for departments.


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