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The governor portal has been launched. All the governors were given a demonstration of the portal at the full governors meeting. The governors are pleased with the portal which is a reflection in their involvement in the procurement process. A good Q&A session was had – already governors were thinking quite creatively and out of the box as to how it can be developed. They are already using the forums to make constructive comments about the development of the portal.

Currently there 3 governor administrators, including the chair of governors and clerk to the governors. The chair of governors is very keen to see the portal develop as a vehicle to direct and steer much of the work of the governing body and can see the potential of collaboration for the future.

The video below gives you a quick tour of the key functionality found in our governor portal.

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  1. Roger Broadie says:

    >Really interested to hear you have governors developing the governors' portal. We have been doing a lot of thinking about what the 'bit of gold' is that is enabling Frog schools to achieve startling developments.

    We are coming to the conclusion it is all centred on the engagement between those who create areas and put things up in Frog, and those who notice the passion involved and who feel that others are really trying to help them – and who feed back their delight. A really positive spiral then develops.

    I have been blogging about this –

  2. Dominic Tester says:

    >Thanks for this Roger – am glad yo uhave subscribed to the blog. I am frantically trying tp back date a few posts to bring things up to speed and will be focusing quite a lot on parental engagement. A key point for me is having a team that has a source of innovation that can be tapped into and shared to be a catalyst for developments. Having people to show just what it can do – to encourage people to think out of the box and push the concept without thinking about product limitations. Certainly the way the FROG is developing limitations will hopefully be a thing of the past with all the FROGBRICKS and creative tools schools will have at their disposal.

    Totally agree with your sentiments – collaboration builds a sense of place in an online community. A sense of place brings pride and enhances the desire to see things improve – a clear business model really.

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