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Have done a lot of thinking over the last week about how we will roll out the project to stakeholders. Currently looking at the following:




  • Initial Staff training – Training allocation from FROG to be used to develop capacity in the specialist departments (Maths, Science and Technology). Pushing for day 1 training to be early September to give a chance for departments to engage. Second training day early October – to give departments long enough to test out skills from day one and come back armed with lots of questions (hopefully). Departments will spend first term cascading. This approach will give the specialist department to lead a project that impact on the whole school – ideal evidence for redesignation!
  • End Sept./Beginning of Oct. roll out Governor portal – launch at full governors meeting. Follow up training for Clerk to governors. The most powerful way of getting governors to engage is by having as many hooks into the system as possible. Dissemination of all agenda’s/minutes via FROG. Set up initial discussion forums to engage governors between meetings.
  • October – lots of subliminal emails out to staff and students to market FROG
  • End of October – Release job specification to students, inviting them to apply for roles of FROGWARDEN (forum moderator’s/think tank), Web/Flash developers, Subject support. Get at least some FROG wardens in place before the main launch event.
  • Launch to students during Technology week (3/11/08)- high profile event, item in newsletter; to be followed up by letters home to all students
  • Establish regular meetings with FROG champions (specialist departments)
  • Develop in house support materials – tutorial video’s etc, students are encouraged to be independent learners. Staff should be the same!
  • Conceptual thinking on school management portal
  • Discuss transition portal requirements with primaries (Mid Nov/Dec.)
  • Establish student voice portal – approach Media Studies to support E-Zine
  • Establish parent focus group to work on shaping the parent portal. Initial portal to go live before Christmas with access to some MIS data
  • Specialist departments to have migrated resources from Learning Resources to FROG by end of term
  • Update SDP and produce action plan to secure accountability of departments
  • Specialist departments to have functioning portal up an running by end of T1 – staff using lesson planning tools



  • Specialist departments develop working partnerships with other departments to cascade knowledge, understanding and skills – support with resource development
  • All departments to have a web presence on FROG and be using it to support learning
  • Twilight INSET sessions
  • Develop transition portal
  • Work on migrating college website to FROG
  • Further development of Parent Portal
  • Rationalise network shares and remove


  • Develop school management portal
  • Embedding culture of E-Learning
  • Review of progress year to date – trigger evaluation cycle

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  1. Roger Broadie says:

    >’Frog Wardens’ seems to be catching on as an idea.

    I trust you have seen what Halifax High are doing with their Frog Warden approach – case study at

  2. Dominic Tester says:

    >Yes, I have always thought of this is important and coined the phrase from the FROG national conference this year. Am aware with what Halifax High are doing and we’re looking at embedding something very similar. Any systems we can use to get students to take ownership and develop content/sense of identity will help ensure it’s success and help embed the culture of E-Learning amongst staff. I think this is one of the key areas that schools struggle with – students are more than happy to buy in. They are indepedent learners and explorers when it comes to IT, staff are generally not. Students now are the first true Internet generation, the first set of true Internet generated teachers are still really yet to be seen.

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