Implementation meeting with FROG

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Have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about FROG sub-consciously most days. At every opportunity I have had, I’ve been scribbling notes on my tablet, recording voice memos on my phone and reflecting on ideas every night to formulate a vision as to what the Costello implementation of FROG will look like. We’ve tried to build in elements of innovation from day one, thought carefully about key functionality that will act as hooks in for staff – driving a desire to want to use the system. What have we ended up with – loads of journal notes on my tablet along with graphic assets that will come together to shape the implementation.


The meeting itself was about 3 hours with Jonathan North from FROG – the level of detail I had gone to in preparation really helped Jonathan secure the vision that we were trying to encapsulate in the design. I had looked at some of the other implementations FROG has worked on with other schools and cherry picked elements that I thought worked and were representative of our ethos as a technology college. The storyboards and site maps I had put together really helped the meeting progress. The process was very much two -way with Jonathan offering clear advice and offering alternative suggestions that may enhance the end user experience. We went through in some detail the staff, student, governor and parent portals. Jonathan went away with a clear idea of what we were after – along with a CD of the resources I had put together. The whole process can take up to 14 weeks. Jonathan said that the initial storyboard and concept boards would be turned around in a week or so. These would provide the college with the opportunity to feedback and make alterations before the server went to build. We are looking at the server being commissioned during the first week of term in September.

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