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One thing I think we are good at here at Costello is shaping our vision and aligning against our core values. The learning platform group, along with all members of the college community were involved in shaping our vision for E-Learning and engagement through the extended use of ICT. We came up with some key areas that any managed learning environment would have to address:

  • Teaching – repository for E-content that can be assigned to users based on classes/groups set up, develop own E-Content/ELESSONS, facilitate general admin (E.g. booking of resources/school diary), discussion forums to share good practice, easy/intuitive to use, scope to develop the system by the college to meet our requirements – not have a generic package imposed on us. Ability to index/tag resources so they can be easily found, access from home, embrace the latest Web 2.0 technologies to collaborate, keep track of assignments – with a view of some data getting shared back to the MIS
  • Learning – through student consultation it was clear they had informally shaped quite a clear vision in their own minds. They wanted to be able to put their hands on school data (timetables/diary/college calendar) and wanted to be able to faciliate work with their teachers online – picking up assignments online, receiving their marks online as well as feedback from their teachers. They wanted access to other content, such as extension and support work – to be engaged in revision and support through the use of rich media (digital video, podcasting), they wanted their very best work to be made public so it could be celebrated (YOUTUBE generation). Access to their own network files was considered essential as was an online e-portfolio. These poinnts pretty much address the formal curriculum but what also came out was the huge potential for informal work – use of discussion forums to support each other with homework, mini websites for different clubs – that were dynamic – being continually updated with new content and not being static. It came out very strongly that for students to embrace these systems there needed to be a degree of ownership – students being able to create content. Student Voice is a strong element at the college and we saw this as a big opportunity to get students involved by ensuring that they would have their own student voice portal.
  • As a specialist school one strong element that came across is an online presence to support the collaborative work we do with our primary partners. Our specialist departments felt that having open discussion forums that primary staff could engage in – as well as hosting lots of resources would help to raise standards in the primaries. As a result we wanted to be able to have a system that had enough inherent flexibility to ensure that this could be done. Systems have to be able to cope with change and embrace it.
  • The college also saw the learning platform helping to facilitate transition from Y6-Y7 at Costello (DCSF Case-Study)
  • Work with our wider community/extended services is also an area that we felt the learning platform should be able to help with – helping to facilitate family learning events and provide our community with a voice and way of working with the college to secure whole school improvement as well as being able to identify their needs through online audits.
  • Working with the Basingstoke partnership to develop 14-19 diploma opportunities
  • Governors – a governor portal to help secure the work our governors do, aiding administration and providing them with an online forum to work collaboratively between governor meetings
  • Parents – A parent portal (there will be a future post on this) that would enhance parental engagement – not just being a staging post for information, but giving them opportunities to interact – not just viewing data about their children.

Something we are really pushing – students accessing learning outside of the classroom and formal curriculum time. Creating students that are independent learners who have the ability to adapt and grow, developing the skillset for work in the next 50 years.

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